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Our Advantage:

Fee membership and FYoubuy address for transportation in China

After registering in the FYoubuy, you can get our address in China for transporting your parcel. There is no charge in this progress. Only setting the FYoubuy address as your delivery address when you shop on China online shop, can you enjoy the convenience as well as less cost.

Pay International shipping fee Only

We will only charge you the international shipping fee. In addition, FYoubuy will offer a great amount of discount in terms of international shipping fee.

Automatic parcel processing

With advanced automatic warehouse system, Fyoubuy can process parcels with large amount, which greatly reduces cost and saves time. As long as you submit order, we will handle your parcel promptly.

Free service for repackage

Repackage can save part of international shipping fee by reducing unnecessary packing material, in a way to minimize the weight and room of packing. On the other hand, we will ensure the integrity of your parcel by replacing broken packing.

Free Parcel consolidate service

Free Parcel consolidate service can get rid of extra international fee. For instance, we consolidate your parcels which are delivered to the same place in our warehouse. In this case, you can pay your items purchased in different shop in batch without repetition.

90-days free storage

FYoubuy offer 90 days storage for you. You can buy more items in 90 days and ship at a time.
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